Sold coins: 22026445 OCTO / 100 000 000 OCTO
Amount collected: 19066 $ / 1 200 000 $
Rate: 0.012 $ = 1 OCTO
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Two working projects You can work and earn with our projects right now
Our own crypto currency All payments in our projects are carried out only through OctoBit Coin
Multicurrency wallet Online wallet even now supports 11 Crypto-Currencies, USD and RUB
Advertising platform For crypto-currency sites supporting all modern types of advertising
What is OctoBit Coin?
OctoBit Coin (OCTO) – is a digital decentralized crypto currency that can be used to pay for various goods and services on the Internet and in the real world with the help of special software..

The growth rate of OctoBit Coin depends on:

  • The growth in the number of users in our projects
  • Growth of advertising coverage in our advertising network
  • Growth of the price of crypto currency available in our wallet
  • Release of new products of our company
  • Growth and development of existing products of the company
  • Demand for the purchase and sale of the OctoBit Coin
Advantages for investors

Two finished projects, which are already operating and bringing profit.

Constant income to coins holders due to POS mining with a yield of 36% per year and a constant buy out of coins from trading at the expense of 30% of project revenue.

A tight-knit and self-sufficient team that has already proved that it can make real projects, but not just disperse promises.

Multicurrency online wallet

We make the world's best multi-currency online wallet for crypto currency which will become your companion in the digital world.
Wallet.OctoBit.IO - probably the world's best online wallet for crypto currency.

  • No fees for replenishment
  • Minimum fees for exchange (0.1%)
  • Referral program with huge deductions
  • Anonymity and security
  • Availability from any device

Advertising platform

Ads.OctoBit.IO - an advertising platform for sites on crypto-currencies topic that was created against the background of a massive ban of crypto-projects advertising by all major companies, and is designed to unite all market participants and enable them to work under the most attractive terms.

  • Up to 95% of the click cost is paid to the platform owner.
  • Referral program.
  • Support for all popular ad formats in one system.
  • Daily Payments and Support 24/7.
  • Advertising support for all platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet).

Our ICO in figures
We conduct Crowdsale in order to attract capital for marketing, for the rapid development of our projects and for taking leading positions in niches.
100kkTotally there are issued 100 million coins for sale
$1200kHard Cap for fundraising only 1200k
$0.012The cost of one coin for investors
х2Up to 50% bonus for the very first investors
Our team
Our main mission is to create a completely new transparent product. To provide the consumer with clear tools and the most extensive opportunities. To give freedom of choice and action.
Our team sets the following goals for the next two years
We improve Add support for 10 new Crypto-currency
API for bidding and wallet management
Refill phone account from your wallet
Ad network covers 100k impressions per day
Listing of OctoBit Coin on a third-party exchange
2018 Q3
Mobility Android app of our wallet
iOs application of our wallet
Add support for 10 new Crypto-currency
Calendar of payments and deferred payments
2018 Q4
We are developing Windows application of our wallet
Linux application of our wallet
Mac application of our wallet
Add support for 10 new Crypto-currency
The coverage of the advertising network 10 million impressions per day
2019 Q1
Finance Launching the deposit program
The system of limits of trust
Launching of a loan program secured by crypto currency
Add support of 30 new Crypto-Currency
2019 Q2
    Wallet supports more than 150 crypto-currencies
    Reach 100kk ad network per day
    OctoBit Coin in listing of all top exchanges
2019 Q3-Q4
How to Buy OctoBit Coin
Acceptance of payments for our ICO is carried out through the merchant of our wallet which is available for use by everyone and already gives an opportunity to accept payment in 10 most popular crypto-currencies.
  • Start pre-ICO:May 02, 2018 - May 23, 2018
  • Start ICO:May 24, 2018 - June 20, 2018
  • Hard cap:$1 200 000
  • Soft cap:We already have working projects
  • Coin:OCTO
  • Exchange rate:1 OCTO = 0.012 $
  • Mining:POS
  • Yearly revenue:36%
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Waves (WAVES)
Distribution of coins

In total for the course of Pre-sale and ICO there will be put up for sale 100 million coins that is equivalent to $ 1,200,000.

OctoBit Coin is available for use in already completed projects. All funds collected during the course of Crowdsale and ICO will be used to ensure the rapid and stable growth of the financial performance of OctoBit.IO and its entire ecosystem.

  • 75% For sale
  • 12% The project team
  • 6% Bounty campaign
  • 5% Advisers
  • 2% Reserve fund
Questions and answers
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. We also strongly recommend that you read our White Paper. There you will learn more about us and our goals.
  • What is Wallet.OctoBit.IO?
    • Wallet.OctoBit.IO is a multi-currency online purse for crypto currency with instant exchange and minimum commissions.

  • What is Ads.OctoBit.IO?
    • Ads.OctoBit.IO is a multiplatform advertising network that implements all popular advertising formats and is designed to unite all advertising channels in the world of crypto currency.

  • Why do you sell your crypto currency?
    • Sale of our OctoBit Coin will give us the opportunity to quickly enter the market and take a leading position in the niche.

  • What is the minimum amount of investments?
    • For Pre-sale: 5000 OctoBit Coin
      For ICO: 1000 OctoBit Coin

  • Are there some bonuses for investors?
    • Buying coins on Pre-sale, you will additionally receive 30% with the purchased OctoBit Coin.

  • When the selling of OctoBit Coin begins?
    • Pre-ICO: 02.05.2018, ICO: 24.05.2018

  • What is the initial cost of OctoBit Coin
    • The initial and further minimum cost of our coin is equal to 0.012 $?

  • What will be the cost of OctoBit Coin in n time?
    • We can not and do not have the right to guarantee any growth of a coin in a free market. But we promise to do everything possible and make every effort to ensure the continued and stable growth of our coin and our entire ecosystem along with it

  • For which currencies can I buy OctoBit Coin?
    • You can buy our coins for such currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Waves. In addition, you can buy our "Octo Codes" with the desired denomination of the listed currencies from third-party exchangers, for other currencies that we do not accept directly.

  • Why do I need an OctoBit Coin?
    • Our OctoBit Coin is the key to all financial transactions in the ecosystem that we build. Referral fees, transactions fees, remunerations, investments and all other financial transactions in our projects will be implemented exclusively for OctoBit Coin, which will entail its intensive growth and demand

  • How many OctoBit Coins will be issued?
    • Within the Crowdsale and ICO there will be issued 100 million coins. In the future, coins will be available for mining keeping them in a wallet (POS) with an income of 36% per year

  • When and on which exchanges will OctoBit Coin trade be available?
    • Immediately after the start of Crowdsale, OCTO coins trade will be available on our domestic exchange in After the end of the ICO, our coin will be immediately added to a number of third-party exchanges

  • Where to store OctoBit Coin?
    • The most convenient option is of course our online You can also download a separate wallet for a coin like for all other crypto-currencies on our coin's website

  • How many coins will I get for ... BTC / ETH / etc?
    • For an accurate calculation, use the calculator on the website of the Crowdsale in your personal account

  • What will you do with unsold coins?
    • They will be transferred to the company's financial fund for the payment of referral fees. Our company in its projects will use OctoBit Coin as a means of calculation and back them up with fiat assets.

  • My balance shows that I have 0 coins, what shall I do?
    • If after the transfer you still have 0 OctoBit Coin on your balance sheet then you should not panic. It’s common for Crypto-currencies to be delayed. Also remember that you need 6 transaction confirmations to consider the transaction successful. Wait a moment and all the coins will be credited, no transfer will be lost!

  • How can I use OctoBit Coin after ICO?
    • To pay fees in
      Buy ads in
      Exchange coins.
      Keep in wallet for dividends.
      Exchange for another crypto currency or fiat money.


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